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School Agreement

The school will at all times...

  1. Care for your child's well being and safety.
  2. Let parents know as soon as possible about any concerns which may affect their child's work or behaviour.
  3. Provide a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the individual needs of all pupils appropriate for their stage of development.
  4. Achieve high standards of work and behaviour through building good relationships with parents and pupils and adopting a restorative approach to behaviour.
  5. Contact parents if there is a problem with attendance, punctuality, equipment, school dress.
  6. Keep parents informed about general school matters and about your child's progress in particular.
  7. Provide increased opportunities for parents to become more involved in the daily life of the school.

The Parents/Guardians will ensure that...

  1. My/our child arrives at school at 8.45am.
  2. My/our child goes to school regularly, informing the school on the first day of absence.
  3. My/our child attends school properly equipped and in school dress.
  4. I/we inform the school of any concerns or problems that may affect my/our child's work or behaviour, and support the school's policies and guidelines for behaviour.
  5. I/we support the school's Homework Policy and help my/our child with homework.
  6. I/we attend Parent's Evenings and Discussion Meetings about my/our child's progress.