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Maths Coordinators: J. Raw

What we do

As a school we teach maths following the maths programme of study outlined in the National Curriculum. We also incorporate 'Big Maths' into our lessons in order to help the children develop and improve their mental maths skills.

Maths is taught every day for 45mins up to an hour. The using and applying of maths skills are woven into almost all aspects of maths work.

We have a calculation policy at the school which outlines the progression in learning different strategies for the four rules of number. We are obliged to show the children different methods to calculate a sum and the children will then select the method that works for them.

We have a wide range of resources available to help with the teaching and learning of maths. These include practical resources such as tape measures, shapes and digit cards and also interactive resources for use on the whiteboard.

Children record maths work in a maths book.

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